President’s Report – October 2023

My fellow members,

We are well and truly into the spring season with daylight saving adding to the potential for us all to enjoy the natural assets in our beautiful area. Your wonderful Country Club is ideally positioned to be a big part of this fabulous recreational style enjoyment especially when we have been blessed with long periods of temperate weather. It most certainly is an exciting time for our club to experience a significant increase in the patronage of our well prepared golf courses and our beautifully maintained bowling greens. Our tennis courts have also experienced much usage, as have several of the indoor sports. There is that air of excitement in the local community which is just so typical of the free and easy lifestyle that we have all come to love and enjoy in the Bay and Basin area. As we all know, there is no better place to spend your time than at the premier club, your club, The Country Club.

You know members, at this time each year we see our sub-clubs start to hold their annual meetings and presentation evenings. I encourage all members to take the time to reflect on the hard and selfless work performed by your volunteer committee members, who ensure that each club can function effectively and in so doing provide high quality social experiences for its members. Sadly, from time to time, a minority of our members appear to lack a level of understanding of the level of commitment given by our volunteers to their respective sub-clubs, and become hyper-critical. To use social media in particular, by making negative comments about certain perceived issues can be both destructive and wildly hurtful, and I do encourage these people to find a more constructive way to engage with our volunteers.

Following the recent annual meeting of the Country Club and the Board Elections I can report that I was successful in being returned as your President for the next three years, and I am most grateful for the level of support that was given to me. I do offer my congratulations to Lori Robertson who was successful in being elected as a Director for the next three years, and congratulate her on the considerable level of support that she received. My commiserations go to Fiona Collins who contested the Presidency and to Trevor Ward who stood for Director. Fiona will remain as Senior Vice-President and Trevor will leave the Board. On behalf of the Board I sincerely thank Trevor for his contribution and dedicated service and wish him well in the future.

Finally, it gives me much pleasure to announce that your Board has resolved to refurbish the main lounge area at the Sanctuary Point site. The works are scheduled to commence in February 2024 and concept plans and schematic representations will be on display shortly. We are able to afford these initiatives as a result of controlled financial management, careful planning and the effective involvement of industry professionals.

Bob Proudfoot