Vincentia Golf Club

The Vincentia Golf Club is a well placed on the hill overlooking Jervis Bay. Don’t be fooled by the picturesque nature of the course, there are challenging holes at every turn as well as views to enjoy


  • Golf Members $3.50 for 9 or 18 holes
  • Country Club Members $17 for 9 or 18 holes
  • Visitor 9 holes $19
  • Visitor 18 holes $26
  • Junior Visitor $16 for 9 or 18 holes

Call the Golf Shop to make a booking for tee times for our regular competitions or social golf. Please talk  to Justin  our Golf Shop Manager (and PGA professional) about Corporate golf days, Charity Fund Raisers, Bucks parties, Work parties, Children’s parties.

Golf Shop – (02) 4441 5621

The Country Club Golf Club Memberships offer tremendous value at $330 per year for our two golf courses! The St Georges Basin & Vincentia courses offer the perfect mix of enjoyable, challenging and picturesque golf.

Your membership entitles you to heavily discounted green fees, discounted cart hire and special members competition cart hire pricing. We have members comps running from Tuesday – Saturday, see our sports page for full schedule.

Men’s golf application form
Women’s golf application form

We have for hire 10 well maintained and clean electric golf carts for use by members and guests. Carts are available seven days a week and pre-booking of golf carts for your round can be made through the Golf shop on 02 4441 5621

  • Golf Members
    • $22 for 9 holes
    • $32 for 18 holes
  • Golf Member in Competition:
    • $13 for 9 holes
    • $24 for 18 holes
  • Country Club Member and Visitor:
    • $30 for 9 holes
    • $40 for 18 holes

The following points form part of the Golf Cart Hire Agreement of our carts.

Rules of Use

  • Hirer must be over 18 years of age to hire and drive carts and hold a current Drivers Licence.
  • Maximum of 2 persons and 2 sets of clubs per cart.
  • All damage to carts caused by improper use including excess speed is at hirer’s expense. A security deposit or credit card will be required.
  • Do Not drive on to Tee areas.
  • No driving within 2 metres of greens or greenside bunkers.
  • Avoid all wet areas, in wet conditions drive down edge of fairways.
  • Obey all signs and directions.
  • Use paths where provided.
  • Do Not drive carts while under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.
  • Use caution in tree areas or under overhanging branches.
  • Members found breaking these Rules may be refused Cart Privileges.

If you would like to read our full Golf Cart Hire Agreement which includes the Rules of Use the document is available in the Golf Shop and  at the next page in this site.

You must have a valid Drivers Licence to hire and drive our Carts.

Persons failing to comply with these rules may be ordered from the course.

Justin Clarke is a qualified PGA Golf Professional who is available to give professional advice and lessons.

Justin is always willing to:

  • assist beginners and experienced golfers to improve their golf
  • give lessons to groups or individuals
  • arrange group bookings and social days
  • advise visitors and members on course availability and competition time

We have a fully stocked pro shop at St Georges Basin that stock:


Dress Regulations

There should be no need for the Committee to exercise any kind of supervision over the dress of members. It should be left to the good taste of our Members to appear in acceptable attire both on the golf course and in the club-house.

Members are reminded that tight or brief shorts, tight slacks, track suits or other similar types of clothing are unacceptable at all times.

Social Play

  • Neat and tidy attire
  • Shoes with socks
  • No singlets or thongs

Competition Play

  • Collared shirt
  • Shorts must have belt buckle
  • No singlets, T-shirts, football gear or board shorts
  • Adequate footwear required
  • No sandles, thongs, shoes with excessive grip e.g. touch football shoes

General Etiquette

  1. All complaints are to be made in writing to the Match Committee.
  2. Balls are not to be purchased from persons on the course.
  3. Do not damage the hole when replacing the flag stick.
  4. Do not wheel golf buggies on the putting greens and tees.
  5. Please replace divots and smooth out bunkers before leaving them. Rakes are provided to assist you in this obligation.
  6. Please repair all lob marks on the green before leaving.
  7. To speed up play players are requested to observe the following
    (a) Walk quickly between shots
    (b) Walk directly to your ball and prepare to play your next shot when it is your turn.
    (c) Immediately a search is started for a ball call following players through and allow them to go through. Do not resume play until they are out of range or in the case of a par 3 until after the players have completed the hole.
    (d) Always pick up when you have lost a hole to Par or have insufficient strokes left to score in Stableford.
    (e) No more than four (4) players may play in one group unless permission is granted by the Club Captain or in his absence the Starter.
    (f) Practice on the course may only take place from the practice area where balls must be directed towards the 6th green. Playing practice on the course is limited to two balls per player.
  1. When playing in a competition a score card is to be marked by a member of an Affiliated Golf Club who has a current Golf handicap.
  2. When marking four-ball cards, players must indicate which partner scored on each hole. Failure to do this can lead to disqualification.
  3. The Match Committee reserves the right to alter the programme or method of play at any time.
    When time sheets are posted on the notice board for certain events, members are requested to adhere strictly to the time booked, otherwise they will be relegated to the end of the field. Please notify the Starter if, after booking a time, it is not possible to adhere to same. Players to report to starter ready to play at least 10 minutes before booked time.
  4. In competitions, players hitting off the first tee and arriving at the 10th tee prior to final players starting from this tee have hit off, are requested to wait until both fairways and tee are clear.

Local Rules

All players are required to read the Local Rules Board before teeing off

  • Bare patches on greens may be treated as GUR.
  • All paths are integral parts of the course except for paths constructed from cement, tarmac or other materials or indicated by white painted bricks, rocks or timber edging.
  • Stakes defining Water Hazards, Lateral Water Hazards or GUR are Immovable Obstructions.
  • GUR relief may be taken from a rut made by course equipment. However, relief may not be taken from shallow indentations made by tyres.
  • A ball striking power lines on the 10th or 13th hole must be replayed without penalty.
  • Use of devices that measure distance only is permitted.
  • If your age plus your handicap add up to 100 or more you may tee off from the forward (8th) tee on the 18th hole. If you do so you must add one shot to your score on the hole.
  • Where a ball lies on the putting green there is no penalty if the ball or marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3, & 20-1.

Users of motorised carts or bikes must:

  • Drive in the rough wherever possible.
  • Keep away from any wet or soft areas.
  • Keep carts off tees and greens (and wherever practical, at least 10 metres from greens).
  • Not go past any directional marker lines. Not go near the sides or back of a green. If your ball is to the side or back of a green, take the club(s) you need and walk to the ball

Environmental Local Rules for Holes 10 to 13.

Environmental areas are marked by stakes with a green stripe. These Environmental areas have been classified by Shoalhaven City Council & players are not allowed to enter these areas to search for a ball or for any other reason.

Players are not allowed to stand in an Environmental area to play a ball which is in bounds.

10th Hole.
Environmental area on the left side is a Lateral Water Hazard.
Environmental areas to the right of and behind the green are Out of Bounds.

11th Hole.
Environmental areas on both sides of the fairway are Lateral Water Hazards.

12th Hole.
Environmental area on the left up to the tall marker is Out of Bounds.
Other Environmental areas on both sides of the fairway are Lateral Water Hazards.
Environmental area behind the green is Out of Bounds.

13th Hole.
Environmental area to the left of the tee and along the fairway is a Lateral Water Hazard.
Environmental area to the right of the tee and to the bottom of the path is Out of Bounds.

If there is doubt whether a ball is in, or lost in the Lateral Water Hazard areas on the 11th or 12th holes only, a ball may be played provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rule 26-1.

If your ball is in bounds and your stance or area of intended swing is interfered with by foliage in an Environmental area, you must take a drop, without penalty within one club length of, and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.

Temporary Local Rules are on whiteboard outside auditorium.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule – Two strokes.



Vincentia Golf Contacts

Pro Shop – (02) 4441 5621

Mens Golf / Vets Golf – Greg Tindall
Phone: (02) 4441 7977

Womens Golf – Soo Martyn    
Phone: (02) 4441 6765 or  0422 582 432. Email:


Men’s Golf Committee
Captain: Mike “Irish” MacNeill – – 0416 108 220
Vice Captain: Scott Turner – – 0411 116 729
Handicapper: Jim O’Brien – – 0467 053 623
Secretary: – Greg Tindall – – 4441 7977
Treasurer – Derek Frew – – 0401 523 727
Peter Gale – – 0417 787 977
Terry Bird – – 0422 729 578

Women’s Golf Committee 17-18
President: Trish Lenehan 4441 7456
Vice- President: Helen McKenzie
Secretary: Soo Martyn – 4441 6765 / 0422 582 432
Treasurer: Prue Karp – 4441 8817
Captain: Jenny Bainbridge – 4441 568
Vice-Captain: Ronda Hazleton – 4441 6755
Handicap Manager: Ronda Hazleton – 4441 6755
Committee:  Dale Holland, Carol Andon, Viv Hewitt, Sharon Mearing, Chris Bray
Vet’s Delegate: Jan Coyle

Vets Golf Committee
President: Claude Holmes – – 44415681 / 0407026960
Vice- President: Bob Cardwell
Secretary: Derek Frew – – 0401 523 727
Treasurer: Dave Wilson
Captain: Irish Macneill 0416 108 220
Committee: Dave Smith, Dennis Wills, Jim Cox, Mike Reddy


Course Tour

Hole 1

Par 5


This is a great starting hole that requires precision rather than strength. Try to keep to the left side of the fairway throughout. Anything hit right and you’re in “frogs hollow” and chipping out sideways.

Avoid the bunker just short of the green front right and the green slopes away from you. Index three for the men and one for the ladies shows it’s worth.

Metres: 488

Metres: 457


Hole 2
Par 4


This hole sweeps down to the right and requires a drive of about 200 metres left of centre to be in a good spot to approach from. A bunker front right is worth avoiding and the huge green slopes away from you

Metres: 348

Metres: 324

Hole 3
Par 4

This is a relatively short hole but you can end up in more trouble than Burke and Wills if offline off the tee. Uphill all the way with a long greenside bunker on the right with a two level green. Finding the right hand side of the fairway is the ideal shot


Metres: 239

Hole 4
Par 4

Beautiful hole with glorious views down to the Jervis Bay from the tee. Trees both sides but long hitters can take them on as a good drive will leave you a short approach to the green.
Bunker front right and the green slopes away from you. Warning- do not leave yourself a downhill putt here! It will run, and run, and…

Metres: 338

Metres: 311

Hole 5
Par 3

This is one of the best Par 3 holes in the district. Elevated tee box but hitting down and over the drain and lake and up the other side to a small, elevated green. This tee box is normally sheltered from the wind so checking the flag is a must. Once on the green the fun can really begin as it slopes back to front with several changes of degree of the slope. You won’t forget playing the fifth at Vincentia!

Metres: 152

Metres: 140



Hole 6
Par 5

This is uphill most of the way but is a relatively easy hole provided you hit it straight. 60 metre wide fairway and long hitters can reach in two. A massive gum tree 60 metres short and right of the green and a nasty long bunker front right make aiming left a much better option coming in. Good birdie chance for the good golfers.

Metres: 428

Metres: 420



Hole 7
Par 4

This hole is all downhill but the trees on both sides can grab your ball. The approach shot is crucial. The green has three bunkers around it and several subtle slopes to test you.

Metres: 352

Metres: 342


Hole 8
Par 4

Rated the hardest hole and for good reason. Uphill all the way with plenty of trees around. The approach shot in is the key. Avoid the out of bounds left and the drain on the right. Take an extra club or two as the uphill green is deceptive. Big green with several subtle breaks to test everyone. A great, challenging hole.

Metres: 357

Metres: 320

Hole 9
Par 3

Relatively easy  hole. Out of bounds left and two bunkers to the right are the obstacles to overcome. Green is small but slopes deceptively back to front. A good hole to regain your sanity before you pop into the bar for a halfway refresh..Cheers!

Metres: 138

Metres: 132

Hole 10
Par 3

First of our “new” holes and quite a good test. It’s a long iron at least with 2 bunkers on the right being good areas to avoid. Huge green which is relatively flat.


Metres: 141

Hole 11
Par 4

How easy- only 300 metres! Wrong. Enviromental Hazards on both sides of the fairway and a narrow landing area.

Due to Enviromental conditions you can’t enter this area to look for lost balls so hitting the fairway is crucial as well as having nerves of steel hitting your approach shot in, especially if you are into the normal headwind.

Get off this hole with a good score and breathe a sigh of relief. Good test. Hit it straight I say!

Metres: 300

Metres: 295

Hole 12
Par 3

This is our signature Par three hole with fantastic views across the bay. The prevailing winds are crucial here as all the right hand side of the hole is out of bounds. Anything left of centre is ideal here. Beautiful big green with more subtle breaks to keep you guessing.

Metres: 151

Metres: 119


Hole 13
Par 4

Short par 4 hole but once again very challenging. Elevated tee shot down a narrow chute and the lake is all the way down the left hand side to catch any errant tee shots. Don’t go wide to the right or you might end up in the dam at the 11th tee. A short approach is normally required to another massive green . Walk off here with a bogie and feel good.

Metres: 310

Metres: 235

Hole 14
Par 5

This is the first hole revisited but the mens tees are normally back next to the clubhouse. Same rule applies- aim left! Keep out of  frog’s hollow” and avoid the bunker.

Metres: 488

Metres: 457

Hole 15
Par 4

This is the second hole revisited so you should have learnt after the first time. 200 metres to the left of the fairway and avoid the bunker front right. Green slopes away from you with several subtle breaks to really test your putting ability.

Metres: 348

Metres: 334

Hole 16
Par 4

Third hole revisited but those trees have probably grown a bit since you first played the hole so hit your drive straight up the right hand side of the fairway. Avoid the greenside bunker on the right and putt with care.

Metres: 298

Metres: 239

Hole 17
Par 4

Fourth hole revisited but with a different tee box which changes all the angles of the hole. The left hand side bank of trees come more into play so a safe drive out to the right is a good option. The big hitters can still attack with their tee shots but the odds aren’t as good as when playing off the forth tee. A really “thinking” hole.

Metres: 332

Metres: 324

Hole 18
Par 5

This is the eighth hole revisited (yes the hardest hole on the course) but the men have to carry two dams with their tee shots as the tee is 60 metres further back. Challenging tee shot with trees both sides as well as the water. Don’t hit it right off the back tees as elephants go to die in there. Left is the way to go. Avoid the out of bounds left and the drain right. What a good test for your ultimate hole. The nineteenth hole beckons at the top of the hill…..go for it.

Metres: 426

Metres: 359

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