The Country Club’s Rules for Bowls Roll Ups During COVID-19 – 1st May 2020
Download a PDF of these guidelines here

Note: Members are advised that the ”Roll Up” regulations have been relaxed to permit “up to four persons on one rink”  i.e. a maximum of 2×2 person teams per rink, but still no more than 10 people per green at any one time.

Bookings must be made with Terry Collins on 0457 905 577. In making a booking your name and all other players names and telephone numbers will be required and recorded for Covid 19 tracking purposes. Singles can join as groups of two and vice versa on the day but only with the permission of the Duty Supervisor.

Access to the Club House will only be via the front entrance and under the current rules and restrictions that apply.  


Given the current situation regarding NSW Government policy on Covid 19 the Board has determined that Bowls roll ups will be permitted as of Tuesday May 5th, 2020 but only under the condition of strict adherence to the rules and conditions outlined below.

Note: This is being done in order to maximise the health benefits from appropriately organised exercise for members.

  • Roll ups will be permitted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. No roll ups are permitted on Monday & Sunday.
  • Roll ups will commence at 11:00am and shall cease by 4pm or when the Duty Supervisor closes the greens.
  • SGBMBC and SGBWBC- MEMBERS ONLY can use the greens and all roll up times are open equally to both the SGBMBC and SGBWBC members.
  • No Visitors or spectators are permitted.
  • The roll ups shall at all times be organised and supervised in accordance with these rules by the person/s nominated by the SGBMBC and the SGBWBC Committees i.e. the DUTY SUPERVISOR and they shall ensure that all participants ARE PROVIDED WITH A COPY OF THESE CONDITIONS AND ALSO SPECIFY ANY OTHER PROCEDURES THAT MAY BE NECESSARY e.g. FOR COMPLAINTS HANDLING AND ADHERENCE TO THE CONDITIONS ETC.
  • The Country Club will charge $5 per session to cover costs. This will be collected by Terry Collins (SGBMBC Treasurer) or his nominee. Terry will take bookings and allocate times by calling 0457 905 577 (9am-5pm). If Terry is not available, he will refer you to the duty supervisor.
  • The nominated Duty Supervisor/s shall remain on site until relieved (3-hour shifts are proposed) or all bowlers have left the facility.
  • You must arrive a max of 10 minutes prior to your booked time. Booking times will commence and finish exactly on the hour. No exceptions unless approved by the supervisor e.g. an emergency, ill-health, or inability to complete the booking after starting. Note: You cannot assign your booking time to others only the Duty Supervisor can do this.
  • One person is permitted per rink at any time (i.e. max 14 people on site plus organiser/s depending on number of greens open).
  • Maximum of 50 minutes play and 10 minutes preparation per booking once per day.
  • On completion of the roll up the bowler must leave the site immediately.
  • No access to clubhouse is permitted unless by special arrangement. Players will be permitted into the locker rooms one at a time and only once to retrieve their bowls and then they must take them home. A Director will be on site to perform this task. (Fiona Collins or Barry Edwards).
  • Access to the greens will be via the side gate near the club or the gate near the bowls shed and only during the greenkeeper’s working hours. The greenkeeper will be responsible for the opening and closing of the gate or Duty Supervisor when David goes home.
  • The bubbler will be turned off so you must bring your own water.
  • A bucket with water/Dettol will be placed near each green used which will store the jacks. The jacks must be put back into the bucket by the bowler on completion of the exercise. The mat is to be sanitised by the greenkeeper before and after use.
  • Hand sanitisers will be placed at the entrance to the greens by David the greenkeeper.
  • The toilets will be sanitised by the cleaners.
  • No mingling around the greens or carpark. Wait in the car if early and leave straight after exercising.
  • No shaking hands, high fives or touching of any nature. The required 1.5m personal distance is mandatory between players.
  • You should bring your own protective headwear, sunscreen, and sanitiser etc and do not share any personal items with the other participants.
  • Members participate at their own risk and are advised that if you have “health concerns” e.g. obvious, dangerous or precarious pre-existing health issues you should refrain from playing.
  • These procedures shall be reviewed regularly.

IMPORTANT: Any breach of these conditions will result in the person or persons being automatically and with immediate effect being “cited” and required to address the Board of Directors by way of the protocols adopted by the Board at this time.

The Board of Directors
The Country Club – St Georges Basin and Vincentia

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