The Future Of The Country Club Vincentia

Vincentia Email Update

The Country Club Vincentia would like to reach out to our Members to offer some clarity on the future of our Club.

Some four years have now passed since Vincentia Golf Club became The Country Club Vincentia, after finding itself in financial hardship and requiring support. Since that time, we’ve devoted over $2 million over and above what the Club has generated in net profit to bring the golf course up to a standard far better than it has ever been, give back more to the Members in way of discounts and offers and make improvements to the Clubhouse to ensure our Members comfort, while continuing to trade at a loss.

Trading performance is an issue the board needs to address, our independently audited accounts again demonstrating a loss for the Vincentia Club , even after adjusting for depreciation and interest expenses. The Country Club Board & Management are looking to the future in ways we can see a return on the Members $2m investment and make the required improvements to turn Vincentia into a financially viable Club.

The Country Club generally don’t respond to rumours and gossip, however, we are aware of misinformation being spread that is causing angst in our local community.

The Country Club has not entered into any arrangement, no decisions have been made in respect to any alterations to the course or any other land assets the Club is comprised of. The only commitment we have at this stage to continue to operate a successful Club and Golf Course as per the original Memorandum of Understanding.

It is important for us to highlight that no future changes can go ahead without your vote. The Country Club Vincentia’s Clubhouse and Golf Course are core-property, this cannot be disposed of without consent from the Membership via vote at a general meeting. It is common practice for amalgamated clubs to immediately remove newly acquired premise from core-property, however, this wasn’t the way The Country Club went about this, ensuring all Members will have a chance to vote on the future of the Club.

The Country Club over 18 months ago embarked on consolidating Crown Land (also known as paper roads) into the Club’s land due to insurance issues, this application recently came to fruition and has undergone public consultation. Consolidating these Public Roads will also allow the Club to negotiate the best outcome for our Members while limiting any potential impact to the golf course.

We look forward to a time when we feel we have developed a suitable roadmap to success for our Vincentia Club to share with our Members. We feel it is important to reiterate – When the time comes, we will present what we feel is the best option for our Club, we will undergo extensive consultation with our Members, our Members will then have the ultimate say with their vote, there is no other way, nor should there be another way.

Yours Faithfully,

The Country Club St Georges Basin & Vincentia Board & Management