Footy Doubles During Every Live NRL Match

FREE with every bar purchase during any live NRL match

Terms & Conditions – LTPS/18/22989

  1. The Country Club Football Doubles Drinks Promotion is open to all members, visitors and staff of The Country Club.
  2. Upon any transaction over The Country Club Vincentia’s main bar during “football periods” (see later definition) customers will be provided with a football doubles ticket.
  3. Football periods typically occur an hour before the first NRL game on that day and for the hour following the conclusion of the final football game for that day. Football periods may change from week to week as the NRL draw changes and this will be noted with adequate signage, however, they will typically be the following:

Thursdays: 7pm – 11pm
Fridays: 5pm – 11pm
Saturdays: 2pm – 11pm
Sundays: 3pm – 9pm

  1. If your ticket contains the jersey number of the first try scorer for the home and away team, you will win $50 club cash.
  2. Winning football doubles tickets MUST be redeemed on the day of issue prior to the club closing. If not claimed on the day, the tickets are considered losing tickets are no prize is payable.
  3. If one team doesn’t score a try during a match, their winning number will revert to the hooker, number 9. If a late substitution is made by a jersey number beyond 17, that player will represent the jersey number of the player they replaced.
  4. Football doubles tickets are only eligible for the day in which they are issued. Tickets are colour coded, serial numbered and recorded to the day to ensure this.
  5. The Country Club reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions from time to time.
  6. The Country Club reserves the right to end the promotion before the conclusion of the 2018 NRL football draw with prior notice to our patrons.
  7. Club Management’s decision in all matters relating to these rules and this promotion shall be final and conclusive and no dispute or correspondence shall be entered into.
  8. Participation in the promotion by a patron confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions of the promotion.

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