My fellow members,

It gives me a feeling of absolute pleasure and one of considerable pride to be able to report to you, the outstanding result achieved over the past twelve months. This report is done so on behalf of your Board of Directors and our Management Team and exemplifies the fact that your club is a multi-million dollar organisation with a list of achievements as impressive as the spirit of our club itself. Members, consider this, that our revenue has grown by an incredible 27% and has now burst through the $25 million mark, which has given rise to a profit of $1.6 million, being a record trading profit. To achieve a staggering result such as this requires a comprehensive team effort where management and staff value the support and guidance provided by the board, and in turn, you, our loyal members are not only listened to, but feel engaged in the exciting journey that our club has undertaken. Members, you have often remarked to myself that you appreciate the harmony displayed at all levels, that you appreciate the stability and competence displayed at all levels, and above all that you appreciate and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere that our wonderful club is known for.

Hopefully, a frightening pandemic and major deluge rain events, which our community has been forced to endure, are behind us and there are better times ahead. These unfortunate occurrences would normally have a negative impact on the social fabric of our club for some time, but thanks to you our optimistic members, we have come out the other side together and look to the future with renewed spirit and much vigour.

Members, when a club is travelling as well as your club is, it is vital that we put measures in place to ensure that future successes occur. One such measure that your board recognises the value of, is that of staff and director training. To this end $35,335 was spent on staff training in the past financial year, with management forever focusing on achieving greater efficiencies as well as positioning our club to take up its place in contemporary society. All directors undergo recurring mandatory training as well as being briefed by management on the latest developments in the club industry. We, as directors, are acutely aware of our duty not to engage in operational matters, as this is the exclusive domain of management. One of our main roles is to formulate policy and to provide management with the direction to do so.

Your fabulous club has much to boast about and it is most timely to sing some of the significant praises both loudly and proudly.

  • The cautious policy of paying down debt and not taking speculative risks with members assets has proved to be very well received. This can also be said regarding the future of the Vincentia precinct where an unsustainable loss of $383,035 occurred. We look forward to discussing its future with the membership. Regarding the Paradise Beach Road land, we are currently waiting for the completion of a feasibility report.
  • $408,000 was spent on security staff in order to ensure that the very pleasant atmosphere experienced in our clubs is maintained to the highest of standards. To this end a sincere thanks goes to Wayne Turner and his team for a job well done.
  • Catering revenue at the Basin hit an amazing $3.3 million of high quality meals, with the independent caterer at Vincentia also proving to be very popular indeed.
  • Functions and events revenue came in at a substantial $231,963.
  • With the price of power escalating dramatically, a 100 Kw solar panel system was installed at a cost of $106,000. This will help reduce the power bill of $297,000 considerably.
  • Bar trading is up a considerable 34% to $5,073,728.
  • Our club buildings were maintained regularly at a cost of $451,348.
  • Our courtesy bus service is second to none with its provision being supported to the extent of $439,000 in wages.
  • Donations to the tune of $121,487 were given to community groups and to local sporting bodies, which was greatly appreciated.
  • Golf revenue topped the $1 million mark, with the 18 hole course at the Basin as well as the 13 hole course at Vincentia both being given the thumbs up.
  • Our 3 bowling greens are considered to be the best on the coast, if not the best in the state.
  • We have a world-class snooker room which will lead to the attraction of major events.
  • Your board continues to support bingo and recognises its great social value.
  • The tennis courts are quite popular and receive regular use for both competitive and social events.
  • Table tennis is currently experiencing a renaissance which is pleasing to see.

Finally, in concluding my President’s report for the 2022-2023 financial year, I pay tribute to CEO Ben Clegg and his assistant CEO Luke Hodges and their very capable management team who have worked so competently and so collaboratively with your board, with their staff and with you our loyal members. Congratulations on a job well done. Also to my board of directors for working so hard and so enthusiastically on behalf of the total membership. It was a real pleasure to lead such a united team. And finally to each and every member, thank you so much for your friendship, for your trust, for your suggestions and above all for your enthusiastic participation in a whole range of activities on offer in your wonderful club.

Bob Proudfoot

Wed 29

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