My fellow members,

I am pleased to announce that as of today, courtesy bus services will resume beyond Old Erowal Bay. Since the road damage sustained in the large amounts of recent rainfall, many members have found it difficult to move between the Bay & Basin. To bridge this divide in our community, your Club has acted swiftly, acquired an additional courtesy bus and are now running courtesy bus services through Old Erowal Bay. Please note that this service will operate with two buses and will require a short 150m walk along the footpath to traverse the current road damage. Please continue to book the bus as you usually would.

I am absolutely correct that I speak for every member of our club when I congratulate Tiara Jade Marsden on her wonderful fundraising efforts in raising forty-seven thousand dollars for the Cancer Centre of NSW.

Tiara herself, a cancer survivor, embarked upon a selfless act of both raising awareness of the plight of cancer sufferers a well as motivating local people to participate in the spirit of much needed fundraising. Her incredible efforts in this regard include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Charity Ambrose golf day sponsored by St George’s Basin Country Club and supported by Bay and Basin Community Radio and Men’s Golf.
  • Stars of Nowra Dance for Cancer is a gala event held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, where a dozen couples are nominated throughout the Shoalhaven to compete in dance and fundraising activity. Tiara came through as a winner in every aspect of the word, in what can only be described as an absolutely sensational effort and performance.
  • High Tea for Tiara fundraiser at St Georges Basin Community Centre.
  • Tiara’s Car and Bike Show held at Husky Sport’s Club.

Tiara would like to thank and congratulate our generous community, but really our fabulous local community would like to express its deepest gratitude to Tiara for taking the time necessary to achieve the successes that she has.

Regarding St Georges Basin Bowls, it gives your Board a great deal of pride and pleasure to announce that the grade three bowls team has won its way through to the State playoffs to compete in the NSW pennant flag. This is an amazing performance which may well be the last competition of this particular type, as a result of the redefining of playing boundaries. What our bowlers are attempting to do is to create history and win the very last one, and why not! The final is scheduled to be played at Forster at the end of June with our club being represented by thirteen extremely keen and competent bowlers, and there is every chance that the flag will be brought back to our Country Club. Such is the spirit of our bowlers, that a significant contingent of keen and loyal supporters will make the trek up north in support of their charges. Everyone from our wonderful club most certainly wishes every player the very best of luck, represent your club with typically great sportsmanship, and bring back the flag. Best wishes and good luck to you all.

As you are no doubt aware, your Board of Directors has for some time now expressed its great concern at the future viability of The Country Club Vincentia (CCV). Over the past couple of years several informal communications occurred with experienced senior’s living proponents, with a view to creating a sustainable situation, which included the continuation of golf and a golf club at CCV. In addition to this, we commissioned a detailed sustainability report for CCV that was made available to the wider membership.

At all times various Boards of Directors have enthusiastically embraced the Memorandum of Understanding, which is now in its eighth year, and yet we have been subjected to some very unfortunate criticism from a group of people who appear to suffer from reality denial.

Your great club will ride through this rather concerted attempt at reputational damage, including fake headlines, and do the absolute right thing for all of our members. Also, as you are no doubt aware again, your Board has been completely open, honest and transparent during this period, given the obvious constraints that operate during times of sensitive negotiation. Having said all of that it is time to move to the next stage.

On behalf of the Board and Management it pleases me to announce that a Heads of Agreement, (HOA), was signed on Thursday 6/6/24, with a company by the name of Oakstand, a company with an impressive list of credits that can be readily accessed on line. The HOA goes for a period of ninety days which provides an exclusivity period for Oakstand to consult with our membership and the local community regarding the formulation of a concept plan as a precursor to the establishment of a Senior’s Living complex at CCV.

Broadly speaking the parcel of land involved includes the current clubhouse and surrounds, a small part of the 1st hole, part of the 13th hole and most of the 10th hole. During the HOA period, probably mid to late July, a meeting of members will be convened in order to present a motion to re-classify the said parcel of land from core land to non-core land, to enable the transfer of the said land.

On the same day that the HOA was signed, consultation by the Oakstand CEO in person occurred. The groups in attendance included Vincentia Residents and Ratepayers, (being the CCB), Vincentia Matters, Representatives from the three CCV sub-clubs and FOVGC. Remember, that the consultation leading to the members vote is not seeking member’s approval for a development application, (DA), but rather the legal capacity to transfer the said land in two or so years following the successful granting of a DA by the relevant authority. So, there is a process to go through, and this process could prove to be quite lengthy. The whole aim of the exercise is to future-proof the viability of CCV and your Board are of the collective view that we can achieve just that.

Kind Regards,

Bob Proudfoot
President – The Country Club




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