Jack Attack – Fast & Fun Competitive Bowls! – JUST $5 TO PLAY!

Jack Attack is a social-competitive version of bowls designed to be enjoyed by new players, experienced players, anyone really! It doesn’t require any fancy equipment or any intricate knowledge of the game, the aim is to get out, get social and have fun!

Jack Attack kicks off on Thursday 16th February and is a 6-week tournament. Teams comprise of 3-players, but players are interchangable meaning you can register your group and any 3 can play on the day, making this the ultimate flexible format for busy groups with various commitments.

Music will be pumping, drinks will be flowing (responbily of course) prizes will be won and fun will be had! (Think T20 cricket, but for bowls!)

Games commence each Thursday for the 6 weeks at 5:30pm, just register your team in the form below and we’ll get in touch to get you started!