Killer Queen Experience

Saturday 6th April 8pm.
Tickets $25 – Available online or at club reception – (02) 4443 0666.

Tickets available online here!

Australia’s JOHN BLUNT is acknowledged as the most recognised Freddie Mercury Tribute Artist in the world today.

Chosen by itv / potato productions to portray Freddie Mercury in the 2016 docu – drama Freddie Mercury” Who Wants to Live Forever” the telemovie has been released in the UK. Europe and the USA. to a viewing audience of over 9 million.

To capitalise on the film release, John ventures to London in September to perform two showcase shows and a series of promotions in readiness for a full scale tour of the UK. and Europe in the northern hemisphere summer of 2018.

As Blunt states, “The situation is very surreal, in the UK, Europe and the USA. I’m known as the first actor to portray Freddie, and here I’m known for my live performances with The Killer Queen Experience”

The next 12 months for John and Killer Queen will be hectic with live shows, invites to perform at some of Australia’s biggest outdoor festivals, a tour of Europe and the UK, selected performances with a 50-piece orchestra “a world first” and another film project in discussion.

Two hours of Queen hits, numerous costume changes that made the larger than life Freddie Mercury a chameleon to an MTV audience. Re-visit your youth, before Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter and experience the closest recreation to Queen and the legend Freddie Mercury.


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