Dear Fellow Country Club and Community Members,

As you are probably aware, The Country Club Board & Management have been diligently working to ensure the long-term viability of The Country Club Vincentia. I am excited to share, that within the next several weeks, we will be able to provide the community with more specific details of our proposed plans.

We acknowledge that the interpretation of the information provided thus far has led to a mild degree of speculation as to the bulk and scale of the proposal, and to the future of golf at Vincentia. Nothing has changed in this regard with the Board consistently resolving to maximise the likelihood of sustainability, including the continuation of a nine-hole golf course as previously indicated. Negotiations of this nature are complex and time-consuming, but they are necessary to achieve the best outcomes for all involved. By committing to this process, we believe we have secured far greater potential to ensure the future viability of a golf course and an integrated clubhouse and carpark.

Here are the key components of our proposed partnership:

  • A top-tier seniors living community, primarily located on the existing clubhouse site as well as the provision of a nine-hole golf course as indicated earlier.
  • A new, more efficient integrated clubhouse in conjunction with the seniors living clubroom, and a pro shop with rationalised staffing and overhead needs, all designed to be easily accessible to our members, the senior’s community, and the general public.
  • An inviting alfresco area adjacent to the new clubhouse for everyone to enjoy.
  • Financial reserves to capitalise on future opportunities and to manage any unforeseen issues that may arise from time to time.

We recognise that the initial suggestion by the consultant to sell the entire Vincentia Golf Course site, contained within the feasibility report, was quite confronting for many people. However, while optimal business suggestions may not always align with community preferences, our commitment has been to take the necessary steps to sustain the golf course and this community asset in a financially responsible manner.

Although we have received numerous ideas from our membership and the public, they have largely been assessed as burdening the club with significant financial risks and have not been considered by the relevant industry experts as adding to the overall sustainability of the organisation.

The development of a senior’s community not only provides the financial means necessary to deliver a quality product but also ensures a steady influx of customers necessary for sustainability.

In the coming weeks, we aim to provide additional details and keep our members and the wider community informed as much as is possible. We will provide updates online, through letterbox drops, and at information sessions, culminating in a vote to re-classify that parcel of land that is required for the senior’s community, from core to non-core, thus allowing the Board to transact only on that parcel of land and not the entire golf course. Details of the proposal will be provided to members before the meeting to allow the members to make a fully informed decision about the future of the Country Club Vincentia. For the benefit of our community, we provide the below map, which delineates approximate boundaries and a designated area for the proposed seniors living community.

Bob Proudfoot

Fri 31

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