A Message From Our President – The Future of The Country Club Vincentia

In response to a small group of disgruntled members misleading our community and spreading harmful comments, The Country Club wish to provide this update to the residents of the Vincentia community.

In 2016, St Georges Basin Country Club and Vincentia Golf Club (VGC) amalgamated, at a time when both the Vincentia Golf Club and its course were significantly deteriorated. Since the amalgamation, we have undertaken numerous upgrades to elevate the club to a respectable standard, resulting in the course being in its best condition to date. However, despite these enhancements, The Country Club has struggled to improve the financial situation of the Vincentia site. Over the past few years, the Country Club has been in conversation with providers of senior living solutions, aiming to achieve a sustainable operation at Vincentia which would see the continuation of both golf and a clubhouse into the future.

The Country Club Board is currently engaging in negotiations with a provider of senior living services, exploring concept plans and financial possibilities that could be presented to the Country Club members for their evaluation. While the Board has the authority to suggest reclassifying land from core to non-core, the final approval for such reclassification rests solely with the club’s members. Initial plans suggest a development that would occupy about 5-10% of the existing land, promising significant benefits for both our members and the broader community.

An information session to discuss sustainability and potential future paths for The Country Club Vincentia was recently conducted for members. Additionally, separate sessions with representatives from Vincentia Matters and the Vincentia Residents and Ratepayers Association have taken place. We plan to actively involve general community members and other official groups representing Vincentia’s interests throughout this process. The Board has consistently acted with professionalism and prioritised the welfare of both its members and the local community.

We kindly request the community’s understanding and patience during this period. It’s important to remember that the decision-making power ultimately rests with the members.

We urge an end to the spread of fear, manipulative exaggerations, and harmful falsehoods. The Club is committed to maintaining transparency throughout this process and is diligently working to ensure the best outcomes for our members and the wider community.

Our goal is to establish a premier senior living facility, which we hope will bring the necessary customer base to ensure the Club’s sustainability for the future. We strongly welcome your considation and support while we undertake this journey.

Best Regards,
Bob Proudfoot
President – The Country Club