A Message From Our President – January 2024

My fellow members,

On behalf of the Board and Management I do trust that the Christmas period has been both meaningful and enjoyable, and that 2024 has commenced as smoothly as is possible. We experienced a massive influx of visitors over this period and I have to say that our friendly and competent staff as well as you, our welcoming and obliging members, made their stay as good as it could possibly be. A huge well done to everyone!

As we turn our efforts to Australia Day it is worthwhile reflecting upon the type of experience that is provided by you, our loyal members on a day such as this. Our club is widely recognised as a very warm and social place, which is free of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of what can best be described as an Aussie ‘ melting pot ‘, where we celebrate the dominant themes of tolerance and acceptance of all. You know it was only the other day that a member said to me that he just loved coming to our club so much, largely because his points of view were given a fair hearing, not always agreed to but most certainly listened to, and then given due respect. I reckon that each and every member can be very proud of their club and I am looking forward to celebrating with you on Australia Day.

Members, no doubt you have noticed that the previously announced refurbishments of our lounge and sports bar areas, has commenced. For your convenience, the entire programme can be viewed on a screen located in the foyer entrance section. We do apologise for any inconvenience that you experience or interruption to your regular routine during construction, but I am sure that you will be impressed by both the quality of the work and the excellent functionality of the design. Hopefully the refurb project will be completed within a couple of months, but in the meantime management and staff will be bending over backwards to ensure that your level of comfort is diminished by the absolute minimum. In fact I would not be surprised if our trading figures increased during this time, simply because you our members really do enjoy supporting your club.

By now each member has had the opportunity to digest the contents of the Tully Heard sustainability report regarding Country Club Vincentia (CCV) The report indicated that the future of CCV was very limited indeed, and so your Board set about determining what appetite, if any, that it had for ‘ risk ‘. We adopted a very conservative approach which was described as scenario 8 at the members information session. Scenario 8, quite simply was to sell a limited parcel of land to a Senior’s Living provider and continue discussing possibilities of a model with an integrated clubhouse. Of great concern to the Board was the impact of substantial recurring financial losses during the pre-construction stage of the project. This concern will need to be addressed before we proceed any further. We are confident that a meeting of members will be called this year to unveil a concept plan together with all financial details. At this meeting a vote will be taken to re-classify core land to non-core land. The Senior’s Living provider will be undertaking extensive consultation with all the residents of Vincentia ( particularly those who live near CCV ) and community groups, leading into the member’s meeting.